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Amanda Purdom and Eryn Smith

  AsterHouse Design, 7300 Anderson Ave, Manhattan, KS 66503

AsterHouse designers Amanda Purdom and Eryn Smith.

Amanda Purdom & Eryn Smith

AsterHouse Design is a full-service interior design firm, founded by designers Amanda Purdom and Eryn Smith. AsterHouse provides design services for residential and commercial spaces. Amanda and Eryn describe their style as real, inviting, fresh, and layered. They love spaces that are full of light, color and texture. Amanda and Eryn take pride in designing unique spaces that stand the test of time. They ensure that each of their designs is representative of the client’s lifestyle and experiences, and that every room is both comfortable and functional.

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"New, old, big, small, simple, extravagant, “home” doesn’t have to look a certain way… it just needs to speak “welcome” to your soul." -Eryn Smith, Principal Designer

"Light, color, composition, and perspective are terms from the art world. They define our interiors, our lifestyles, and shape the experiences that make us who we really are." -Amanda Purdom, Principal Designer

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