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Becky Jones - Heenan's Home Furnishings

Heenan's Home Furnishings 

Heenan’s, 3841 NW 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73116


Becky Jones

Becky Murphy

Becky has over 20 years’ experience in both residential and commercial design. Since entering the world of interior design in 1991, when she received her bachelor degree from the University of Oklahoma, College of Architecture, she has worked in several different facets of the industry.

She started her career at Mathis Brothers as an accessory buyer and was responsible for setting the floor displays and merchandising showroom. After 13 years, she then moved to Maitland-Smith to be a sales representative for the southern markets. In 2010, she decided to come to work for Heenan’s, and she plans on staying until retirement! “I absolutely love my job. It contains the best elements from my previous experience, and lumps it all together into the perfect job. It’s fun and incredibly rewarding! It’s so gratifying when a customer calls and says ‘I love my room’!”

Becky believes that good design is personal, inspirational and fun. She’s coined the phrase “your house does not make a home, until you make it your own”. She suggests when starting a design project that you find that one piece of inspiration, and you can build from that.


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