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Gail Cave - Green Front Furniture

Green Front Furniture is a furniture company in Farmville, VA.  Green Front Furniture, 316 North Main Street, Farmville, VA 23901

The mission of Green Front Furniture, headquartered in Farmville Virginia, is simple: to provide customers with the largest selection of items from around the world, at highly competitive prices, design and quality. In the mid-1960’s, when Richard Cralle first took over the operations of his father’s relatively new business venture, he quickly changed Green Front’s direction from selling promotional furniture items to offering higher quality items at a lower markup than traditional retail. Four decades later, twelve warehouses beckon customers, crammed full of stunning Oriental rugs and middle - to high - end, mostly traditional furnishings from all corners of the globe. Word, over the years, has spread relatively quickly, to make Green Front one of the nation’s top 100 furniture retailers.

Gail Cave is a designer at Green Front Furniture

Gail Cave

Gail Cave started her career in the furniture industry 29 years ago when she joined Green Front. While she didn’t have a background in furniture or design prior to joining the company, she credits her mother’s constant need to rearrange the furniture for drawing her into the field where she would build her career. Gail quickly became a buyer at the large Virginia retailer, and for many years has managed for Building Six, which is devoted entirely to high end, domestically produced furniture. Her eye for color and trends, and, more importantly, the attention she pays to what her customers are shopping for continue to create strong traffic for her business.

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"It’s like a family. I’ve been working with Stanford for a very, very long time. If there is a problem, there’s no problem. I know they will fix it." -Gail Cave


Being on the sales floor, Gail knows what customers are looking for. “At one point,” she says, “it was all color. Then everything went to all plain. Now color is coming back.” In selecting fabrics for the Stanford showroom, Gail picked up on that trend back toward color. “I look for one fabric in each group that really speaks to me. It may be very striking or rich.” The Green Front customer base comes from all over the country, but leans toward a traditional feel. With them in mind, she selected three different groups in her rooms: a very traditional 18th century group, a more casual traditional group, and a third with a more transitional, coastal feel. 

Partnership with Stanford

When choosing suppliers, Gail always looks for companies that work with her. When asked what she likes about working with Stanford, Gail replies “The people. It’s like a family. I’ve been working with Stanford for a very long time,” she elaborates, “If there is a problem, there’s no problem. I know they will fix it. Once Randy (Stanford president), even came here to meet my customer to resolve an issue she was having. I don’t know any other manufacturer that would care enough to do something like that.” 

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