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Distressed, worn, weathered and aged. Aniline dyed for color and will exhibit color variation which speaks to its natural beauty. Wax is added to create the broken appearance and is brushed to add the dusty surface. This leather will continue to age and develop a patina that will add to its timeless appeal. Expect Radix to exhibit natural characteristics such as healed scars and brands as well as a color variation from lot to lot.

  • Finish Type: Aniline (not protected)
  • Country of Origin: Argentina
  • Size: 45 sq ft +/-
  • Thickness: 1.1-1.3 mm


  • Adhesion (IUF 470) Pass
  • Rub Test (ISO 11640): Dry 4, Wet 3/4, Sweat 3/4
  • Flex (ISO 5402) 20k Pass
  • Light Fastness (ISO 105-B02) 3
  • Cal 117-2013 Pass

Limited availability. Check with the factory before ordering.

Color Brown
Type Plain
Grade 60
Dyed/Treated Wax Pull-Up
Railroaded No
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